In order to obtain a Finnish hunting permit, a foreign hunter must document that he or she has permission to hunt in his or her own country. This documentation must be forwarded to the local Hunting Association in Finland which will then order a payment form from the Finnish Hunters' Register office. Following due payment, this form functions as a hunting permit.

The Finnish hunting permit is valid for a year from 1st August to 31st July in the following year. This hunting permit (which is actually a game management levy) provides insurance coverage for hunters. This provides coverage in the event of personal injury caused by the use of weapons whilst hunting. This insurance is only applicable in Finland and only for the duration of the validity of the relevant hunting permit.

In order to hunt large game (roe deer and larger) in Finland, a foreign hunter must have passed a marksmanship test with his/her hunting rifle. This can take place in his/her own country. However, this must be documented and verified in Finnish. Otherwise the marksmanship test can be taken in Finland. 
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Hunting on the Åland Islands requires a special hunting permit.
For further information, contact: Ålands landskapsstyrelse, jagtforvalter Roger Gustavsson,