Sustainable harvesting

Hunting in the Nordic countries takes place on Nature's own terms and is based on wise use. Hunting is based on a careful assessment of game population tolerances.

Where larger game species are concerned, most countries have adopted a system that allows hunters to harvest a specific number of each particular species. The gender and age of the animals are predefined for each permit. This way, it is ensured that the cull represents good game management for each of the individual species. 

Hunters accept their share of responsibility for nature management and contribute to the establishment of new habitats for both huntable and non-huntable species. No other group of users of nature can compete with our numbers of dedicated and well-educated nature-loving hunters “in the field”. Hunters also assist in charting wild life resources in order to ensure that we only harvest the surplus and do not threaten the various species. All hunted game is reported and registered.

A comprehensive cooperation between wildlife authorities, research communities and hunters ensures a sound professional basis for decisions on hunting. Thanks to their positive contribution to nature conservation, hunters have an excellent cooperation with the many nature conservancy organisations in the Nordic countries.