Should a foreign citizen wish to hunt in Norway, he or she must pay the annual hunting levy to the Norwegian Government in the same manner as the Norwegian hunters. You must also provide documentation that you have the corresponding right to hunt in your own country. The term "corresponding" is relevant in that one can choose between applying for a hunting permit which only applies to small game or for a hunting permit which applies to both small and large game. In both instances one must be in possession of a valid national hunting permit. 

Persons, who are resident abroad, are not required to take a marksmanship test in connection with hunting large game in Norway as long as they can comply with the conditions required for similar hunting in their own countries. In practice, you must forward a copy of your valid national hunting permit and inform which type of hunting you require, to: 

Jegerregisteet (the Norwegian Hunting Register), N-8910 Brønnøysund, Norway, or telefax these to: 0047-75 00 79 50 or e-mail them. 
The Norwegian hunting permit is valid from 1st April to 31st March. 

The Jegerregisteret's telephone number is: 0047-75 00 79 99.